Page Peel / Sticky Note Effect Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial is to show you how to create a neat page peel effect.  Great for making a post it sticky note effect or make your photos a little more dynamic.   And lets me honest… sometimes a drop shadow just doesn’t cut it. 

Step 1:

Open a new document and make a square and fill it with a light gray color.

If you want to add this effect to an existing photo make sure you have some space around the item by increasing the canvas size (Image > Canvas Size).

Step 2:

Duplicate your gray layer and fill your square with a light yellow (or whatever color you want your sticky note to be).

Step 3:

Now to make your sticky note a little more 3 dimensional.

Edit > Transform > Warp

Bring in your corner just a little.

Step 4:

(If you’re adding this effect to a photo or other graphic skip to the next step)

Select a color of yellow a shade or two darker than your sticky note.

Apply a gradient overlay.  Set opacity to 50% and play with the settings until you get a slight shadow on your rounded edge.

Step 4 Alternate:

Since you can’t do the gradient overlay over your photo a really quick way to add a shadow is do use your burn tool and big feathered brush and go over your photo’s rounded corner a couple of times.  Use a low opacity so that you don’t end up with dark spots on your photo.

Step 5:

Select your gray layer and apply a Gaussian Blur

Filter > Gaussian Blur

Step 6:

Pinch in the sides of your gray layer just a little.

Edit > Transform > Warp


There you have a quick and easy page peel shadow.

Enjoy 🙂


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